Planning an After Ball Party

ball7This section is to help students and parents in organising safer after ball parties.

Legal Issues – this article highlights what is advised in relation to alcohol



The school ball is the highlight of the school year for senior students and is generally an accepted and well-organised activity on the school calendar. These events are organised by school staff and students and the majority are alcohol free. For many years now the After ball Party has emerged. Organised by students they have sometimes been associated with the excessive use of alcohol and have resulted in a range of alcohol related harms. Around the country there have been reports of violence, drink driving crashes, property damage, unsafe and unwanted sex and other alcohol related injuries.

As a result a number of people around the country including health promoters, youth workers, road safety coordinators, liquor licensing staff and parents have worked alongside students to reduce these alcohol related harms. Although this approach is gaining popularity and is proving to be successful, the issue of afterball parties continues to be a controversial one.

Schools in particular have expressed different views about afterball parties. Some have threatened to cancel the school ball if the afterball goes ahead, some do not acknowledge these events take pace, while others are very supportive. Schools can be put in a difficult position when they have not organised the event but are linked to any negative outcomes.

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