Vivid Collective

Vivid Collective

VividCollective nz was born from a passion creating new pathways providing entertainment services, and hire products for school balls in Hamilton, the Waikato, Auckland and beyond.

The dictionary defines ‘Vivid’ as meaning ‘producing powerful feelings, strong clear images in the mind and memories of an evening that was still vivid’. It states that something which is vivid is true to life, authentic, faithful, detailed, impressive and most of all evocative. In all things we do, VividCollective NZ brings the definition of Vivid to life. From putting on a show to how we conduct our business behind closed doors, we are authentic, faithful, and evocative.

2019 Ball season brings fantastic VIP Giveaways, the first five schools to book receive a bonus offer and all schools have the chance to have a favourite radio DJ at the ball.

Lighting & FX Hire
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