Haylo Skin and Body

At Haylo Skin and Body we only use St Tropez tanning products. St Tropez tanning brings you the luxury of a tan without the potentially harmful effects of the sun. Our staff will give you a full assessment before you start your tanning.

PJs Party Bus

Arrive at your school ball in style with up to 44 friends. Afterwards, we can take you to your after-party and make sure everyone gets home at the end of the night safely.

Kristina Raffaele Hairdressing

Where your needs come first in our luxury hair and image salon. We can tailor a package to suit your requirements and offer you complimentary consultations.

Lavilla Hairdressing & Extensions

Discover the truly unique experience that is La Villa Hairdressing and Extensions; This award winning salon is conveniently located in Petone at 268 Jackson Street. Each and every piece of artwork performed on their clients is always consistent, innovative and of the highest quality.

We Do Photobooths

One button. Four different photos. Four seconds apart. One photosheet ejected from the booth moments later. From the privacy of our Photo booth who knows what your guests will get up to!

Sound Wave Discos

A happening school ball often leads to the best after-party. We can set that scene for you. Since the late 90s, we’ve DJ’d at a number of senior school balls, with many asking us back year after year.

Cut the Mustard

Cut the Mustard is not your usual Event Management Company….Cut the Mustard are dedicated to redefining the boundaries of design by bringing our clients the best creative solutions to their unique requirements.

Business Region
Business Region